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Dustin W. Ruge is the founder of the SEO Consultant Firm and brings over 12 years of successful experience in the technology industry. Dustin’s experience ranges from sales, marketing and strategy consulting for Fortune 500 companies to technology startups.

Dustin currently works with law firms in New York City as an award winning client marketing consultant for FindLaw, a division of Thomson Reuters. Prior to joining FindLaw, Dustin’s career included marketing and strategy consulting for such companies as Scotts Miracle-Gro, McKesson, ABI and Global Scheduling Solutions, Inc. Dustin was also a founder of AllAboutLawns.com, a leading lawn care information and e-tailer, and Customer Feedback Solutions, Inc., the largest international and industry leading beta testing system provider.

Dustin’s vast experience in sales, marketing and strategy for companies both large and small brings a unique understanding to his search engine optimization (SEO) work. Being a former business owner enhances Dustin’s comprehension of the significant impact the web has on small businesses. Working on strategies for many corporate industry giants provided Dustin with insight into the opportunities and challenges ahead for large corporations. Together, these experiences provide him with extraordinary knowledge of web technologies and can impact businesses of all sizes.
With over a decade of successful experience in helping companies leverage their online presence, Dustin’s mission is to make technology decisions that produce maximum business results and ROI for his customers.

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