Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Becoming A Hot Topic

Local Search Engine Optimization for Locally Focused Companies

Although many companies begin using search engine optimization (SEO) to help increase their national - or perhaps international - visibility online, some companies are only concerned about attracting customers in their neighborhood, something experts says is much easier.

Local Law Firms Looking to Boost Local Search Engine Traffic

As part of its Website Remedies feature, gathers a number of experts in an attempt to assist businesses looking for help with their website. Its most recent piece focused on North Carolina-based law firm Conroy & Weinshenker which is looking to boost local traffic.

Local Search Engine SEO Makes It Easier To Focus

Pamela Swingley of California-based Savvy Internet Marketing says there is a lot of focus on local search at the moment and notes that creating search engine optimization (SEO) content for local traffic is simpler than trying to lure people from across the country."

Attracting local search traffic is much easier than optimizing a website for a national or international audience," she told "Local search is starting to really heat up."The experts say Conroy & Weinshenker should expand their content to help increase their search engine optimization (SEO). The news provider also suggests that the site update its news site at least once a month. While this can have the benefit of increasing SEO, it can also be of assistance to prospective clients.

Google Local (Maps) Added To Search Engine Results

Many local companies saw an increase in search engine optimization (SEO) earlier this year without doing anything to their websites when Google made local search the default setting for result pages.

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    My own research at indicates that you can expect 1.5% of the people that come to your law firms website via a relevant Google search will become clients. This might not seem too impressive, but remember that the average bill for a contested divorce is over $15,000. Thus, the average client that visits your website generates $15,000 x 1.5% = $225.

    I always have to do the calculation a few times because it seems too unbelievable. Even if you want to have a ROI on your marketing investment of $10 in revenue for every dollar spent, you can still spend $22.50 on every visitor. So, let’s back up once more…. If you spent $2,250/month on Google SEO, then you only need to get 100/month to get an acceptable ROI on your investment. I generally find that clients who have a monthly SEO budget of 2,000 can expect to see an additional 2,000 visitors/month after about one year. This works out to an additional (2000 x 1.5%) = 30 clients/month. It’s almost too good to be true.

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