Thursday, September 17, 2009

How To Monitor Your Website’s Inbound Deep Links

Next to optimized content, nothing is more important to search engine visibility than a website’s inbound links. But when it comes to measuring links, each link is not the same. A number of factors go into the power of links beyond simple quantity. These include: relevance, textual anchors, Page Rank value, bleeding links, and much more.

What is commonly overlooked however is the power of the “deep link.” A deep link is nothing more than a link that goes directly to a sub-page (not your home page) of your website. This is commonly done to elevate the visibility of a specific page in the search engines when competition for similar content pages is high.

When formulating an inbound link strategy, a goal of at least 10-25% of your links should be targeted as deep links. Once your link strategy is underway, there are ways in which you can check your progress to make sure you are getting to these goals.

The first way is to determine how many of your total inbound links are to your home page as opposed to having deep links. You can check this through the following steps:

1.) Create a Yahoo account and go to:
2.) Enter the URL address of the website you want to check and click the “Add My Site” button to the right
3.) With your website now listed below, click the “Explore” button to the right
4.) On the results page, click the “Inlinks” button just below the results text and select the “Except from this domain” from the “Show Inlinks:” drop down box to the right and then select the “Entire site” selection from the “To:” drop-down just to the right of that.
5.) The number now displayed in the “Links” button above will now show you the total number of links coming into the entire website (home page and deep links combined)
6.) Next, you will want to see how many links are only coming into the home page by choosing the “Only this URL” drop down selection from the “To:” dropdown list.
7.) Once you have determined both numbers following the steps above, simply minus the “Entire Site” number by the “Only this URL” number and divide the total by the “Entire Site” number to get your percentage of deep links.

If you have a smaller website and/or if you want to see details of each deep link, you can also perform this same task by entering the URL address of each webpage into and doing the same calculations for your sub-pages and the home page of your website. This same process can also be done in Yahoo site explorer but backlinkwatch will commonly include anchor text and no follow attributes that are also useful in your analysis.

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