Monday, March 10, 2014

5 Things Attorneys Need To Know About Mobile Advertising

There is nothing new about mobile search unless you are the average attorney. With the fastest consumer technology adoption rates in the history of marketing, mobile is hard to keep up with and more importantly, it is hard for many attorneys to know how this impacts their marketing spending relative to effectiveness. Here are a few things to keep in mind…

1.) Fish where the fish are
Of all of the ways you can market your law firm practice, there is one channel that is growing at a record pace and that is through mobile. It is hard to not see people with smart phones and t
ablets anymore both inside their homes and out. This is the new normal and projections currently have mobile searches to you exceeding PC searches by 2015 (yes – next year!!)

2.) Most of your attorney websites DO NOT currently support mobile search
Most attorneys are not surprised to hear that mobile search to their websites are expected to exceed PC search in 2015 until they realize that most attorney websites DO NOT support this change.  Just open up your website in an iPhone and see what comes up. If it is NOT a professional MOBILE version of your website, you have a problem. Remember: 80% of people will abandon a mobile website if they have a bad user experience and most attorney websites built for PC’s provide exactly that.

3.) Respond to mobile with Responsive Design
Google has endorsed one technology for mobile website development and that is responsive design. In case you haven’t noticed, the old days of building (and guessing) which design will work best is over. The reality is that there are hundreds of mobile interfaces and growing out there so let responsive design handle them all in one shot.

4.) Focus your paid results around your practice areas
If you are doing PPC (Pay Per Click), are you accounting for mobile searches as well? Ever noticed how there are far fewer PPC results displayed on those tiny results screens? If you handle DUI and auto accident cases, have you ever thought about what devices people are searching from, where and when?

5.) Coordinating your email and mobile together
As we have recently discussed on our facebook page, email marketing in making a comeback. If you currently utilize email marketing, a growing number of people are opening your emails on a smart phone and clicking through to links – which are most likely going your website…on a mobile phone.  Want to help increase the conversion rates on your email marketing? Then provide a fantastic mobile user experience on your website.  Are you running TV, billboard and radio ads? Ask yourself the same question…

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