Thursday, April 8, 2010

SEOmoz 2009 SEO Ranking Argorithm

I get questions all the time from law firms (both new to the web and ones with existing websites) about why certain firms are doing well online. Beyond the on-site SEO that is needed, a great deal of this has to do with the quantity and quality of their inbound links. The following article provides a good overview if the ranking algorithm and how important this really is...

Getting links to your site is essential in SEO. The search engines view each link to your website like a vote- and while not all links are created equal, they are all counted! Perhaps you, like many small businesses, have decided to tackle building your own links. It’s important to know that link building can often take a lot of time, and be fairly arduous. However, the benefits are huge!

Let’s take a look at just how important links for your ranking in the search engines. This chart, courtesy of SEOmoz, 2009*, really helps hit it home. Based on a survey of some of the top SEO experts in the world, link popularity, or the number of backlinks a specific page has, and keyword anchor text from those external links, make up a large portion of your rank.


  1. This post is certainly a knowledge booster. Yes, getting relevant links to a site is very much essential in Search Engine Optimization. Each link coming your website is viewed by search engines like a vote and depending on the quality of that links search engines decide your website popularity in terms of Page Rank. Link building quite certainly consumes a lot of time and be fairly arduous. Nevertheless, the benefits are huge!

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