Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SEO Link Building Through Active Content

The following are excerpts from a great article recently posted on the Search Engine Journal entitled: SEO Is A Writer's Profession Now:

  • Ten years ago, if you wanted to achieve success in online business, you had to learn some technical the main things you need for good SEO are content and quality links. If you are a good writer, you can produce both with great success.
  • The best way to succeed here is to choose a niche that appeals to your heart. If you are genuinely interested in your subject, the writing will flow naturally, and you will never run out of new articlesite, blog, emails and for off-site promotion as well. ideas. And you will need a lot of articles – for your
  • When you have your great content ready, you want someone to come and see it. For that purpose, you need to get inbound links to your website. You need them both for direct traffic and improved search engine rankings....Today, search engines are getting smarter and distinguish different kinds of links and their relative value. So the low hanging fruit like link exchange or second-tier directories will not help you much in terms of ranking. You need high-quality links from relevant pages. And here, you need your writing skills again. The best link building methods are all about writing:
  • Guest blogging. Write a guest post for one of the popular blogs in your industry. If they accept it, you can negotiate a link back to your website. It will be placed on a highly targeted, permanent page, and have your desired anchor text. It is in the blog owner’s best interest to optimize and promote every post on their blog, so your investment is safe there, unlike some obscure “resources” section with hundreds of loosely related listings. You can see an example of a guest post in front of you right now, providing a top-quality link and excellent publicity for me.
  • Social networking. Promote your site and your new articles on social services like Facebook and Twitter. Add your pages to social bookmarking sites like Digg. Again, you need to write compelling headlines and summaries for each of these, otherwise no-one will pay attention.
  • Article marketing. This is an older technique, but it is still one of the most effective ones. Submit some of your articles to article directories in exchange for back links. Again, your writing pays back in high-quality targeted links.
How Does ALL Of This Apply To Attorney Marketing?

1.) If you are practicing in a field of law you are "passionate" about, the ideas and thoughts should come relatively easily. A blog is the easiest and best place to publish your content for others to read.

2.) Make sure to fully optimize your blog and integrate them to your social media properties like Facebook and Twitter so you create and maximum reach and visibility for your content.

3.) Article Marketing is NOT difficult and can be done by either contacting other similar practice area blogs in other states (remember, most attorneys are licensed by state so they typically won't threaten your business in other states they work in and visa versa) or by published on free content syndication sites such as:
  • (4M Visits/mo)
  • (8M Visits/mo)
  • (12M Visits/mo)
4.) Make sure the linking from your blogs and other syndicated content back to your website/s are textual, relevant, and include at least 25% of these links to your respective practice area pages (deep links).

5.) If you have other web properties (Videos, Facebook Pages, etc.) that you want better visibility for in the search engines, make sure to deep link to them as well. The best way to do this is to create a master link sheet of all of your pages and properties that includes the relative keywords or phrases for each. When you start creating links from you content, use this worksheet as a guide for places you can link to.

Contact Us today if you would like to learn more about law firm search engine optimization and how it can benefit your practice online.


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