Friday, April 15, 2011

Saying Goodbye To Google Tags

Every once in a while Google makes a decision that they end up back tracking on. When it comes to Google reversing a revenue generating initiative, you know it is news...after all Google is famous for their "do no evil" mission statement so good trumps money right??

Google just announced that they are sun setting their Google Tags offering for Place listings as of April 29 of this year. As some of you might recall, Google tags was released in New York in June of last year with a moderately big bang. Tags were a great revenue generating opportunity for Google prior to Google's recent blended search results changes that effectively neutered the whole value proposition of making your Places listing better stand out.

What Google tags once was has now been replaced with the much more effective practice of creating highly visible Google Places image thumbnails instead. It continues to me amazed at the large number of companies with strong Google Places listings that display very ineffective images to better capture the users eyes and improve conversions.

When the history book on Google tags is written, one would have to wonder why Google would create and promote such a new offering only to kill it with its own search results page changes shortly thereafter. This may have come as a surprise to Stevie Wonder but I am still shaking my head on this one...


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