Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bankruptcy Legal Demand Growth Takes A Hit In 2011

The Hildebrand Institute recently released their 2012 Client Advisory and there was some interesting growth trends (and lack thereof) that took place from 2010-2011:

As we can see from the chart:
The winners were: IP Litigation, Labor & Employment, Litigation and Real Estate.
The biggest losers: Bankruptcy, Tax, and M&A

What can we learn from this from a legal marketing perspective? It is always hard to tell by trying the steer a tanker by its wake but here is what I am seeing:

- The bankruptcy wave may have peaked sometime last year or the year before
- Litigation still remains strong
- Labor & Employment law is still going strong
- Has real estate started to turn the corner? Some states like Arizona have sold a good deal of their inventory over the past 24 months which could be a sign of things to come...


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