Friday, November 22, 2013

Google New “Ad” Button Advertising Changes

Have you noticed something different about Google’s search results screens lately? Those little yellow “Ad” buttons are not a mistake – despite the fact that those who have observed Google’s continued domination over the years of their own search results screens are mostly surprised by such an omission.

Yes – Google has called-out their ads on their search results screens. Why you may ask? Just look at the history of Google’s continued blending and pushing off of organic search results and you may see what anybody with a pulse has seen and now governments are pursuing – namely, their continued problems with anti-trust regulations and the EU.

Along with the new “Ad” buttons comes the removal of the contrasting backgrounds for their ads. These backgrounds have been so diminished over the years that it is doubtful anybody will even notice they are now gone.

So what will be the impacts on Google and your PPC advertising with them? Time will tell. As people become more sophisticated in search, they have become more immune to advertising – hence the continued pushing down of true organic results. The “blending effect” between organic and PPC results has been a problem for years – especially on mobile search results. Simply put, most mobile search results have been overly limited to begin with and have little/no contrast. The fact that these new yellow button also display on mobile search results could result in even larger potential impacts. In the end, this is Google we are talking about so the only constant is change with them. Could these buttons eventually go away tomorrow? Who knows? If they negatively impact Google’s own ad revenues, don’t be surprised if they do…

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