Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Attorneys Tips To Using LinkedIn - Customizing URL's & Opposing Counsel Searches #lawyermarketing #linkedin

Two of the most common questions I receive when conducting my CLE's for LinkedIn Networking For Attorneys are the following:

"How can I customize the URL (Website address) for my LinkedIn Profile?"

"How can I turn off notifications others receive when I view their LinkedIn Profiles?" 

Both of these are important questions for attorneys that use LinkedIn for the following reasons:
  1. LinkedIn profiles will system generate a URL address that is not user friendly until changed. Because if this, it can be very difficult to easily publish and reference and profile address on a website, collateral, business cards, and when speaking to others. For example, a system generated profile link may look something like: when it can be easily customized to Now which one do you think will look better on a business card? 
  2. When a person looks at another person's profile on LinkedIn, that person whose profile has been viewed will receive a notification in LinkedIn about who viewed them. This may be harmless enough unless you are an attorney and don't want other people like opposing counsel, juror's, etc. to see that you were reviewing their public profile information. LinkedIn provides you with the capability to turn off this view notification but in doing so, they also disable the ability for you to see which people have viewed your profile as well. So you have to ask yourself if turning off this capability can be useful for you or not? In most cases I advise attorneys to only disable this capability when doing these types of searches and revert back when not. You can easily do this by following the instructions below or simply clicking on this link.

Customizing Your URL in LinkedIn

How To Personalize LinkedIn URL Address
How To Personalize A LinkedIn Profile Address

Disabling View Notifications in LinkedIn 
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