Monday, June 9, 2014

26% of Car Crashes Caused By Cell Phone Use

Many personal injury and criminal defense attorneys fail at advertising due to the lemming syndrome. Most will write the same content, advertise in the same ways, do what everybody else does and then expect a different result. The bottom line is there is far to much competition today to be successful as a Lemming. You need to become unique, learn how to set yourself apart and the first place to start is with the facts...

In March, the National Safety Council released their 2014 injury facts report that included a few key findings:
26% of car crashes caused by cell phone use

- Poisoning & Drug Overdoses were the leading causes of death in 18 states. This inludes death from perscription pain killers
- Cell Phone use is involved with 26% of all car crashes  - an increase from previous years.
- Only 5% of the 26% of cell phone usage involved texting.
- Motor vehicle crashes still remain the #1 cause of death for teens
- The mostly costly Workers Compensation claims in time and money involve head and nervous system injuries.
- The number of Elder adult falls have increased by 112% since 1999
- Deaths involving motor vehicles are highest in July and lowest in February.
- Alcohol related driving deaths are the highest during the 3 days around New Years.

What does this mean for Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorneys:

1.) How are you marketing and creating content around cell phone injuries and accidents? Texting is getting a lot of press these days but talking is still the cause 4X more often
2.) How much content do you have around poisoning and prescription drug overdoses? Most attorneys have very little marketing content & focus for the #1 cause of death in many states.
3.) How are you better targeted teen related motor vehicle accidents and deaths? Do you have targeted marketing around this?
4.) Why are elder falls increasing? Is there an increase in negligence?
5.) Instead of vacationing in July, how are your INCREASING your marketing around motor vehicle deaths that month?
6.) Are you celebrating New Years with a drink in your hand or receiving calls from other people who were and are now in trouble? What are you doing to increase your awareness for these during these critical few days and who is taking your calls at 2am in the morning to convert them?

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