Monday, June 20, 2011

Cohabitation Agreements On The Rise

If you are a divorce attorney, you know how difficult it can be in today’s economic environment. Historically, a couple’s largest asset heading into a divorce was their home. With the advent of the great recession, couples are struggling not only with finding and keeping a full-time job but also with the historic declines in their home values. Recent numbers showing roughly 23% (or 1 in 4) mortgaged homes are underwater and combined with our economic climate and low savings rates, it is little wonder why people simply cannot afford to get divorced…not to mention pay the legal fees in doing so.

In a recent survey by the AAML, 39% of attorneys indicated that they are seeing an increase in “Cohabitation Agreements” over the past 5 years. If you are a typical family / divorce lawyer with a website, chances are you already have pages for divorce, child support, child custody, etc. But do you have a web page for cohabitation agreements? Based on a recent search in Google, here are the results I received:

Divorce Lawyer: 8.7 million pages

Child Support Lawyer: 11.1 million pages

Child Custody Lawyer: 6.87 million pages

Separation Agreement Lawyer: 1.24 million pages

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer: .82 million pages

Cohabitation Agreement Lawyer: .68 million pages

From the numbers listed above, it is clear that some attorney marketing efforts are not keeping up with the market demand. Since a cohabitation agreement is very similar to a prenuptial agreement, it is natural to assume that the numbers should be relatively equal as well.

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