Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Your Website is Your Most Powerful Marketing Vehicle - NYS Bar Assoc. Journal

This is a excellent article that recently appeared in the New York State Bar Association Journal. It clearly defines in very simple terms the importance of internet marketing and the how website design and search engine optimization (SEO) are two interrelated yet very specialized disciplines.

Your website is probably your most powerful marketing vehicle

These days, more than 65% of people begin their search for a lawyer on the internet. Not only should you be there, but you should look good in comparison to your competitors’ websites. Prospective clients can and will compare so make sure you do a little competitive intelligence as you work on your site.
Legal websites provide the highest ROI

For sure-fire value in marketing, put monies and time into your website and search engine optimization. As long as you’re not squandering your monies by doing foolish things, work on your website is going to have more return on investment (ROI) than almost anything you can do. If your site is tired and you haven’t been updating it, this is a good time for a redesign. Concentrate on deepening and broadening your site, and commit to making this an ongoing project. Content is still king.
Website professionals produce professional results

Don’t let your nephew (or cousin or uncle) design your site unless he or she is a professional website designer. Make sure your site is engaging with graphics that “speak” to your potential client and some kind of tag line that brands you. For instance, a criminal lawyer might have someone being handcuffed (which certainly speaks to someone looking for a criminal lawyer), with the tag line: “In trouble? We can help.”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should not be confused with website design

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complicated subject. Most website designers are not SEO experts. Look at the sites a company has optimized and see how they place on Google. Without any question, design and optimize for Google. What does well on Google will generally do well on the other search engines as well.

If you have limited funds to spend on marketing, your website is the first place to spend them.

Legal Marketing in Turbulent Times:
Keeping Your Practice Afloat

By Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. and John W. Simek
Source: New York State Bar Association Journal – Sept 2009


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