Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 Ways To Make Your Law Firm Practice Stand Out

Below is a nice article from the Rainmaker Institute on the top 3 ways to make your law firm stand out. Working in a major metro like NYC where there are over 75,000 attorneys competing for clients, these are especially important for success...

One of the questions our clients struggle the most with when it comes to marketing their law firm is “How do I differentiate my law firm from my competition?”

1. Create a micro niche. In these days of hyper-specialization, it’s NOT about “mass marketing.” It’s about “micro marketing”—creating a micro niche that best positions you as a specialist. If you developed a tumor on your brain, you would go to an oncologist specializing in neurosurgery, not a general practitioner.

It’s the same way with law firm marketing. You must position yourself as a specialist, not a generalist.

One way to do this is by focusing on a very defined niche. For example an intellectual property attorney could say, “I concentrate on helping inventors and owners of small software development companies in Los Angeles with less than $1 million in revenues protect their intellectual property and develop creative ways to generate multiple revenue streams from their invention.”

Creating a micro niche, or focused target market is critical to your success as a small law firm.

2. Focus on solutions and results. People buy solutions to their problems. They buy results, not your services. When meeting with a prospective client, emphasize the benefits you offer to clients and the value you bring through your specific expertise with their kind of legal problem. Discuss the results you have achieved for other clients, but be careful not to overstep the ethical boundaries or promise results based on someone else’s case. There's an old adage “Facts tell. Stories sell.” While your colleagues may be thrilled to know all about how you found a loophole for your client, don’t forget to meet the needs of your client by focusing on the solution.

3. Build an online presence. The Internet has changed everything when it comes to law firm marketing and how consumers select law firms. Many attorneys either don’t realize or aren’t willing to admit that most savvy individuals will check them out online before they ever finalizing their decision.

In fact, current research shows that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations; only 14% trust advertising. An online presence today means not only a website, but also immersion in Social Mediablogs, video, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Avvo and more.

As another old adage goes: Fish where the fish are.



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