Friday, June 25, 2010

Using Social Media To Help Promote Your Blog

There are over 70 million blogs in existence with a new blog being created every second of every day. With the growing number of blogs in use, many people and companies struggle to create followers and promote their blog for others to read.

The most successful blogs in use today have hundreds and even thousands of “followers” who both subscribe to the blog or visit and contribute to it on a regular basis. But just like Rome, successful blogs were not built in a day. In most cases; visibility, reputation, and followers came from months and years successful promotion of your blog.

So how can you help promote your blog today? Simple: through Social Media. Here is how it works:

1. Facebook now has around 500 million active users. Most people can quickly create a Facebook account and amass a large number of friends and peers in a very short period of time. The average Facebook user has around 130 “friends” who are connected to their accounts. With a Facebook account, all of your friends can see postings that you can create on their Facebook home page. Start by creating a Facebook account and then find and as many friends as you can – especially people you think would benefit from reading from your blog. Another great aspect of Facebook is that many of them will find you as well with almost no effort on your part.

2. Now that you have an audience on Facebook, it is now time to create a Facebook page for your business / blog. Once created, invite your “friends” to become “fans” of your new page on Facebook. Next, add the “Social RSS” tab to your Facebook Page so you can have your blog entries automatically displayed on your Facebook Page. Here is the link: Important: when you setup this new tab, make sure to allow your new blog entries to be published to your Facebook page wall. Here is an example of how it looks when done correctly:

3. Next, you will also want your blog entries that are published on your Facebook page to also be published to your Twitter page. Here is the page to link the two together:

Walla! Now every time you create a blog entry on your blog, it will be published on your Facebook page and your Twitter page – automatically. Now all of your friends will see your blog postings in these accounts which will then link them back to your blog to read and discover more.

As you can see, social media can be a very effective way to help promote your blog. As the old saying goes: it is better to fish where the fish are. Through these simple steps, most people can be easily fished for by using social media.

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