Monday, June 14, 2010

Divorce Lawyer Marketing & Social Media

One of the fundamental aspects of inbound marketing (aka internet search engine marketing) is that you have to MATCH THE WAY YOUR MARKET YOUR SERVICES TO WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE BUYING THEM. Along this line, I continue to meet excellent divorce and family law attorneys who continue to tell me that they want to grow their practice yet continue to spend money on phone-book and TV ads…the disconnect is obvious. Why?

According to a Jun 4th Pew Research on divorces in the United States, the median age for a man to divorce is 31.8 years old, and 29.4 for women. Moreover, the highest at-risk age category for divorce is 25 years old (more than 50%). If you are a divorce attorney, you need to ask yourself just where these people are spending their free time because I can assure you that it is not typically in a phone book or watching TV’s online.

So where exactly are they online? Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

According to the latest statistics, here are the (estimated) breakdowns for each:

Facebook: 500 Million Active Users and growing – median age: 27
Twitter: 75 Million Accounts (20-30% active) – median age: 40
LinkedIn: 60 Million members (50% active)
Blogs: 30% of Americans actively participate in blogs every day
YouTube/Videos: 100 Million Videos are watch online each day

So what is the social media usage by age group? According to a recent poll by Harris Interactive (June 2010), the following are the breakdown of social media users by age group:

- 18-34 year olds: 78%
- 35-44 year olds: 71%
- 55 and older: 43%

Since Facebook is the ten-thousand pound gorilla of social media, let’s take a closer look. According to a recent user count on Facebook, here are the following breakdowns for New York City (within a 50 mile radius):

- Total Users (25 years old and up): 4.6M
- Total Married Users: 1.35M
- Total Married Users (Age 25): 25K
- Total Married Users (Ages 25-31): 275K

As we discussed in our recent article on Facebook advertising for attorneys, Facebook advertising as dramatically different from traditional PPC advertising since you can now focus your advertising to your target customer demographics.

So what is the bottom line for divorce and family law attorneys? You need to market your services to your best customers and where they are…and your customers are using social media. The best part is with services like Facebook ads, you can now reach them more effectively than ever when it comes to paid advertising.

Contact us today to let us help you grow your divorce lawyer practice online.


  1. Completely agree with your assessments here. Social Media allows for such direct contact with individuals who actually need your services that old media outlets simply cannot compare.

    Combine that with organics and you can make a legitimate improvement in your company's outreach and ultimately conversions.

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